Monday, 06 December 2021

“Covid and its surroundings”: reflections by Domenico Mamone and Giampiero Castellotti

“Covid and surroundings” is the title of the new book by Domenico Mamone, a Calabrian entrepreneur from Laureana di Borrello, now president of the employers' union UNSIC.

Written together with the Calabrian-born journalist Giampiero Castellotti, in the 204 of the volume, the documented memories of places and people of an extraordinary year are renewed. From Wuhan to Codogno, from Mattia to Vo 'Euganeo, from lockdowns to trucks in Bergamo, they question the many errors that have invested the bitter "Italian model", from the leadership of the territories to the delays in school and transport, from the "prophecies" of too many scientists to the numbers that do not add up.

It is a lucid and profound journey that starts from those first days in which our country related, still unaware, with Covid. That monster represented and still represents one of the most difficult battles that Italy and the world have faced since the Second World War.

The story starts with the two Chinese symbiotic patients of the "Spallanzani" in Rome, upon the arrival of the first vaccines, up to the affliction of the variants. Covid not only as a story of a period of "suspension", with a massacre of victims, but also as an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes of the past and the dynamics of the future.

“In recent months - said Domenico Mamone - we have recorded many false prophecies and numerous errors, including the management of numbers to which the questionable mechanism of the coloring of the regions has been linked. The record number of deaths and the many entrepreneurs over a barrel are also the result of wrong choices, which we report in our publication. We are confident of the change of pace, but it must be demonstrated, not with announcements, eternal meetings or illogical choices but with stable, clear, linear and coherent indications. Only in this way can we begin to emerge from this ordeal because, in addition to vaccines, we need to recalibrate normality ".

The book focuses in particular on the dichotomy between North and South Italy: if the north has been plagued by the virus, the South has seen the problems of structural deficiency explode, starting with the healthcare facilities and social criticalities.

To close, many observations on the "lesson" offered by the virus: the sense of suspension, the warning for the economy and businesses, the hierarchy of priorities, the ghettoization of the weak, the North and the South, the necessary moral regeneration.

As can be seen from the subtitle "From emotional scars to the reconstruction of sociability", the book aims to be on the one hand a detailed chronicle of a year of pandemic, but on the other also an analysis of the many problems that have emerged. It is a series of reflections on a period that should be valued as experience and teaching to improve the future. 

These themes have always been dear to Domenico Mamone's entrepreneurial experience. With his UNISC. union, the Calabrian entrepreneur has been dealing personally with the local fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises and with the needs of citizens for over twenty years.  UNISC (National Union of Entrepreneurs and Farmers), founded in 2000, is now branched out throughout the national territory, with its 2,100 CAFs and 600 patronages in Italy and abroad. It works to protect the rights of companies and professionals, together with families and citizens.

At the behest of the authors, the book, in the digital version, is free to consult as every spontaneous offer is destined for the Caritas Covid emergency.

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